Lk 19:11-28 The Parable of the Ten Gold Coins

 Luke 19:15-20 thy pound hath gained ten pounds…thy pound hath gained five pounds…here is thy pound

This parable is very similar to the parable of the talents as recorded in Matthew 25:14-30. However, there is a significant, notable difference. In the parable of the talents, one servant is given five talents, a second is given two, and a third is given one. According to their several abilities, the wise servants produce in turn, five more and two more. In the parable of the pounds, each servant is given the same amount of money—only one pound. This is not a situation in which the nobleman gave more to one than the other. They all started with the same amount. Yet, one servant is able to produce tenfold and the second fivefold. The lesson may be that while each of us is given different gifts and abilities (as represented in the parable of the talents), we have all been given the same privilege in the kingdom of God (as represented in the parable of the pounds). To all of us the Lord has given the gospel of Jesus Christ, with the scriptures, latter-day prophets, and the saving ordinances of the temple. Some of us take advantage of what we’ve been given and produce tenfold. Some of us take advantage and produce fivefold. Others of us take these great blessings for granted, waste away the days of our probation, and will have nothing to show the Lord upon his return.

Ironically, what the Lord has given us is worth so much more than one measly pound! The question becomes, what will we do with this great privilege and responsibility while he is gone. Will we be productive in his kingdom? When he returns, will he call us a “ten-pound servant,” a “five-pound servant,” or a ‘wicked servant’? The decision is ours—and so is the kingdom if we will only act as these wise servants did.



Where does Jesus get his stories? Scholars say that today’s parable has some references to a real historical figure. Jesus must have so many sayings and stories that Luke sometimes gets confused trying to tie them all together. These stories can only come from an observant person, woven by a man who loves people, relates with persons, and is involved in their dramas and experiences. Jesus encounters many people, and every moment becomes a storyline for the next parable.

Life is rich with stories and parables if we but live it to the full.

Read yourself a good story tonight or watch a good movie.

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