Mark 3:13-19 The Mission of the Twelve

He appointed twelve. Jesus chooses twelve whom he also names apostles. His choice is not dependent on any qualifications or criteria. The Twelve are ordinary working men, most of them with no great educational background or social prominence. The important thing is that they be with him. By being with Jesus, the Twelve are gradually led into the heart of Jesus; they learn not from his words alone but from his very life as it unveils before them. Eventually, they are sent forth to continue his mission, to preach, and to drive out demons.

The number twelve has a clear redemptive and historical symbolism. The Twelve represent in a new form the people of the twelve tribes of Israel—the Chosen People.

Jesus continues to need people who are willing to work for him and to serve for God’s people. Jesus has chosen and called us to God’s vineyard. He does not mind our failures and sins, our shortcomings and limitations. He is willing to take risks with us and to invest in us. All he wants is our commitment to him and our dedication to his mission.

Is there something or someone in this world that keeps us from giving our selves totally for Jesus? Do we allow Jesus to use our talent, time, and treasure for his purposes?


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