Mark 1:14-20 The Call of the First Disciples

He called them. Jesus begins his public ministry with a call. First, it is a call to repent and believe in the gospel. With this call to conversion and change of heart, Jesus wants people to turn to God, align their ways to God’s will, and surrender their lives to God. Second, it is a call to follow him, to be fishers of men, to be part of his ministry, to be his apostles.

Jesus calls four men to be his first disciples—Simon and his brother Andrew, James and his brother John. No words are spoken by way of their response. But their actions speak for the men: they leave everything—nets, boats, and families—to follow Jesus.

The first disciples are not men of great theological education, with wide social influence, or with impressive social background. And yet Jesus chooses them to be and work with him. The work of Jesus is not in the hands of men and women whom the world considers great and famous, but in the hands of ordinary people like us who are willing to give God our life, our time, and our talents.

What are we willing to let go so we can be sure that we have Jesus in our lives?


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