Mark 3:31-35 Jesus and His Family

Whoever does the will of God. Jesus is not rejecting his family. He is not denying who his mother is and who his relatives are. What he is doing is not limiting his family to blood relationship. Belonging to God’s family comes with hearing God’s word and living God’s will. In fact, this is what Jesus’ mother Mary is to an eminent degree, especially as Luke describes her fiat to God’s will and her keeping all things as they happen and reflecting on them in her heart (Lk 1:38; 2:19, 51)

If we make God’s will our will and God’s ways our ways, we are brothers and sisters to Jesus. If we live God’s word, we establish a new and deeper bond with Jesus, a kinship or family relationship with him. This is an effective way to belong to Jesus.

What is God’s will for me and for my family?

How do I fulfill it? What are the things or persons that hinder me from doing God’s will?


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