John 12:1-11 The anointing at Bethany

When Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with expensive perfume, Judas the Iscariot vehemently protested for he was enslaved by his greed for money.

Are we not sometimes enslaved by our greed for money? How many family relationships have been broken because of our greed for money? How many government officials have sold their souls to the devil simply because of their greed for money? Countless already and we never learn for we continue with our greed for money!

Money will buy us a house but not a home; money will buy us material things but not happiness and money will buy us sex but not true love. Let us not be greedy with money because it will not do us any good it will in fact make our lives more chaotic and problematic.

Saint Paul in his letter to timothy has said: “The love of money is the root of all evils.” (1st Timothy 6:10)

Posted by: Marino J. Dasmarinas


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