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December 22, 2017: Insights on the SEVENTH DAY OF SIMBANG GABI


Mary, who, by her complete obedience and self-offering, pleased God all the days of her life, praised and thanked God for all the great things He has done for her and and because of this as she herself prophesied: “All generations will call me blessed.”

Mary gave flesh to God–
flesh to be visible to human eyes,
flesh to touch the leper’s sores.

Mary gave hands to God–
hands to bless the little children,
hands to break bread for the
hungry millions

Mary gave feet to God–
feet to walk among the sick,
feet to seek out the sinner.

Mary gave eyes to God–
eyes to weep at a friend’s grave,
eyes to look into the depths
of the human heart.

Jesus no longer walks in flesh
today; and if he to heal the sick,
and feed the hungry, it must be
through my hands and my feet.

What is one way I can give flesh
to God in our day?As Mary gave flesh to Jesus
in her day, so we must give flesh
to Jesus in our day.

And if we do as Mary did,
Jesus will walk our world once
more and make it new again.


Be Christ incarnate! Be bearers and reflections of Christ in the world! Be “another Christ” in the world! Be the light of Christ, who enlightens the whole world, as the light of the moon that reflects the light of the sun!

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