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Insight on December 17, 2016: Second Day of Simbang Gabi

The genealogy of Jesus teaches us that family tree will help us trace our roots and will give us interconnections with others in such a way that family and human relations are sustained, strengthened and enhanced.

Someone once said that three things remain in life: One is God. Two is family. Three is a friend. Human experience will tell us that God, family, and friends are always there with us in times of sorrow, pain, loneliness and emptiness. They always stay with us even when the world rejects and abandons us. When we have nothing to hold on, when we have nothing to lean on, when we have no one to go to they are always there for us to lift us up, to help us and to welcome us.

Magic Johnson, the most popular NBA player, in the peak of his career, got infected with HIV virus. When the whole world knew about it, AIDS still carries in itself the moral stigma. It was not surprising, therefore, if he was, indeed, judged and condemned by the world because of it. When one reporter approached and asked him what he was planning to do then, he simply said, “I’ll go home and stay with my family. They will always take me in.”

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